Alligator, Prawns, and Lobster

Fried Alligator

  • Marinade alligator tail 8+ hours in buttermilk
  • Mix flour, black pepper, old bay, cajun seasoning and toss alligator in it
  • Fry and eat with fresh sliced lemon or Sriracha sauce

Lemon Pepper Prawns

  • Marinade prawns in fresh squeezed lemon juice, Himalayan salt, fresh ground black pepper, and evoo
  • Grill over open fire for 5 minutes
  • Perfect with fresh lemon

Grilled Lobster

  • Split and clean fresh Maine lobster
  • Whip eevo, room temperature unsalted butter , freshly chopped garlic, Italian parsley, salt and pepper
  • Cook about 5 minutes on each side over flare-up safe grill while basting with mix


Alligator, Prawns, and Lobster

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